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both fenders

Originally uploaded by minhi.

the bike is folded but here you can see both fenders. with all the accessories on this bike it’s now pretty heavy–i think it’s the heaviest bike i own, even heavier then my all chrome brevet style bike!


Originally uploaded by minhi.

bike came with a rear kickstand, this is the only style that would fit on this bike. I bet that’s because very few folks with full suspension bikes put kickstands on :). This is the police style rear support, it’s really heavy and has a locking tab to force it into place.

Part of me wants to lighten this bike up, but part of me sees it as already so heavy there’s taking 2-3 lbs off is not going to make a difference anyway!

shimano gears

Originally uploaded by minhi.

oohhh, comes with Shimano components so it must be good :rolleyes:

Or maybe it’s because there aren’t that many companies to buy bicycle parts from anymore! This bike is only six speed in the back and one speed in the front, so only six speeds–oh my what will i do?!?!? Uhm how about not shift, or pedal harder?

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