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Matsugen, NYC

Cleaning out old entries, this one is so old that Matsugen is now closed :). Was uninteresting place to eat but it was a bit expensive, though in defense of the concept there was no real high end Japanese place in this style when it was open.

Fancy Springhill Suites

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I  stay at this wierd, ikea meets corporate traveler hotel Springhill Suites whenever i have an early morning flight out of Detroit.  It’s actually one of the nicer hotels i’ve stayed at even though it’s down-market for Marriott.  Trust me, Springhill Suites are usually more of a horror movie atmosphere.  THis one has the brightest lobby of any hotel i’ve seen in awhile.

deal alert: HD-Homerun Dual Digital Network TV Tuner

this is kind of a tech-nerdy item, but it is a dual digital tuner (either ota or qam from the cable company if your cable company does unencrypted qam).  the neat thing is that this plugs into your network and then any PC on the network can use it to record tv.  the unit itself does not store tv shows, you are timesharing the device among the pcs in your house.  so for example you could record/watch on the pc downstairs on 1 tuner and then pc upstairs on the 2nd tuner.

the recording is saved on the pc that is timesharing it.  this is nice since you can share the tuner around the house.  or in my case my htpc has no more slots left so i can plug this in direct and get two additional tuners.

does not work without a PC.  no mac compatiblity (well elgato, sagetv), but if you have vista or windows 7 it’s supported.  linux support is actually pretty good.   this is the lowest price i’ve ever seen, if you follow the link there’s a $10 off coupon.

Product Info:

my ipod storage

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I still laugh out loud when i have all of them lined up like this.  And this letter sorter arranges them on my shelf the most efficiently.  From left to right, dummy iphone 2g blank (used by case makers to make prototypes, looks like an iphone but just a shell), ipod classic 80gb, ipod touch 1g 16gb, iphone 3g 16gb, iphone 2g 4gb.
The community finally released an unlock for the current baseband for the iphone 3g so i’ve switched to that from my repaired iphone 2g.  It’s a nice upgrade but to be honest the 2g gives you nearly all the functionality of the iphone platform.   And if you’re on t-mobile like me, then you can’t use the 3g network (t-mobile and att use different frequencies so you only get edge on t-mobile with any iphone).


C&O, Charlottesville VA

A little surprised by this place, located in a quirky building off the downtown mall the food is good, some of the dishes seem to have 1-2 too many ingredients in them but the overall execution is fine. The pricing is a little higher then say Bizou or Maya but it’s not too far off. I would go back.

Leopard on VMWare Workstation (Vista)


One of the strategies for OSX on non-supported machines has been to try and run it on VMWare as a virtual machine. For the last few years this has been quite difficult as the the virtual hardware never quite matched up to the physical hardware which was required by OSX. Well when VMWare finally supported OSX server on VMWare Fusion it opened the floodgates. While VMWare only support this combination on Apple hardware and OSX server only, other VMWare products use the same underlying virtual layer (version 7 if you’re wondering) it was only a matter of time for people to figure out how to run OSX on other physical platforms. Almost everything works for me, sound is still choppy but performance is adequate–honestly it’s a little slow but bearable.

I think the most amazing thing is that you can take the VM once it is built, copy the files to another machine and start it up using the free VMWare Player! For you reference VMWare virtual layer 7 is in VMWare Player 2.5, VMWare Workstation 6.5, VMWare Server 2, vSphere 4 and VMWare Fusion 2 (but Fusion only runs on OSX so this is a why bother combination). I’ve only tested on Player, Workstation, Server but the other ones should work.

Spice Route, Bellevue WA

I’ve been eating with a vegetarian the last few weeks and in Seattle a dependable choice is Indian. There are plenty of them but we’ve narrowed it to Spice Route as our go to option. They serve a variety of Indian options from formal to snack food. They make something called an idly which i had never had before, it’s basically rice flour dough that’s steamed–like a chinese steamed bun without the filling. There is not much flavor but you dip it in a sauce. The vadas are also fantastic–they are a lentil flour based deep fried ‘doughnut.’

On our last visit we also discovered the trick to getting the tandoori roti the way we like it, ask for it a little well done and thinner then normal. It will be about 50% bigger then the normal ones (because it’s thinner when put in the oven), but it will have a nice char and be cooked all the way through. The spice level is ok but you have to push them if you want something extra spicy. Clientele are mostly Indians (if that makes a difference) and they are located next to an Indian grocery store if you need to pick up provisions for home. I would and plan on going back on my next visit to Seattle.

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