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finally got a netbook!

IMG_0004, originally uploaded by minhi.

:).  Of course i was not content to keep it standard!  Almost everything works, light-sleep is ok, sound, wireless, bluetooth, both cores, full resolution (1600×768!!).  What does not work? Well the graphics card is pretty weak so no Quartz Extreme/Core Image support for graphics which limits the acceleration.  Also means can’t use iMovie, iDVD (as if you would).   Surprisingly this runs fairly well, about the same as Windows 7, which means not great but pretty about the same as other netbooks.

The wide-screen is so useful, even if it’s blindness inducingly small text on things, but it feels wierd to be able to have side-by-side windows on a netbook this small.  A few more pictures below.



Fatty Crab, NYC

Just clearing out some old entries, this is from memory but I still vividly remember that I was not a fan of this place. The food was fine but it felt pretentious. As a counter point I ate at Kin Shop a few months ago and i liked it better.

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